17 tips to extend battery life on Windows Phone 8


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  1. what is the point of having a very good phone (especially Lumia 930, yes u!) when most of its features needs to be restricted or turned off??

    double tap screen to wake up the device? cool! auto brightness? very convenient. background task (of course not all of it, only to certain apps)? you'll get updated easily i.e facebook, instagram, whatsapp, great! live tiles? make your phone more attractive and easy to use! ETC.

    those features are created to make our phone to be more practical, more user friendly and even make our life easier! again, then what is the point of having them in our phone when none of it cannot be used just for the sake of improving the freaking short battery life??

    lumia 930 should be equipped with much larger capacity battery, 3000mA would be good. what a waste of potential of the device and what a waste of money by purchasing it! just like you bought a ferrari but cannot drive it for more than 40kph. what a shame.

  2. Hey guys, I have a Nokia Lumia 820, suddenly after I'd charged my phone I saw the hourly consumption from a battery app and it was about 8% and I can't decrease it under 5% what i should do…Thanks!

  3. can anyone help me? i want to install lumia black but i cant because my phone cannot find the update, it says its available in my country but i still cannot see it… my phone says its up to date… help?

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