(2017) Turn Your Android Phone Into a WiFi Hotspot For Free (No Rooting)


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  1. It says it's no longer available with the current system update without a hotspot plan. I do have a hotspot plan with Ulmtd Data. However, I've already reached the max 10GB limit. What's my next work around option that does not require a USB tether?

  2. someone pls explain me! Why I want to download an app to make my phone a wifi hostpot if every phone with a service like AT&T and others, have this option as default?

  3. very helpful but I noticed this is an older video. I have a question if you don't mind. I'm switching to cricket wireless because of their unlimited data plan. will I be able to use this app on a galaxy s3? I know their are so many blocks set up so how can I be sure that it will work before I sign up with cricket? thank you!

  4. Okay so its just another pointless bullshit video as he stated he has unlimited data! That isn't getting free unlimited use of your Android unless you have data in the phone.

  5. one its not free hot spot! !! it dont make any differents phones come with hot spot all ready: even tho if ur on a Unlimited!! plan now how many GB this dose NOT DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT AT ALL call it a short cut

  6. they charge for Hotspot usage of your carrier this is useless because you have to use your database phone come with hotspot no matter what but its not free this would use your data there for its not freeeeee

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