5 OnePlus 5 Features Every Android Phone Needs


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  1. Love this video because it hits on everything why ppl should look into getting a OnePlus phone. I still feel like it's Android best kept secret. Everything a phone should be not just everything a phone can be.

  2. The alert slider is a pain in the butt that's why others not implement it.
    It's to easy to move it by accident and more importantly the schedule dnd feature is not available so I need to remember to flick the slider every time I go to bed and flick back when I get up, useless!

  3. Absolutely amazing features of OP5 i really appreciate the software of OP5 its best software i have every seen after Samsung and Motorola all 5 features are absolutely amazing thats make OP one of my favorite device every should apply to their phone

  4. Samsung S7 has DND Mode for gaming before oneplus 5 so Remember that ……
    wrong update i think better to stay out of Android authority channel… paid 1+5 Add

    i am unsubscribed……

  5. OnePlus really should stop adding too much RAM to their phones (I'm specially talking about the 8 GB varient) and instead save that money for actual useful features like stereo speakers, OIS or maybe water resistance which people clearly care about more.

  6. You said all rightly bro, but…u could have elaborated more on:
    1) double tap to wake up display or display off
    2) 3 buttons which could be customisable for 9 uses.

    Only OnePlus has managed to stay Stock Android, and implement all these features without any bloatware unlike some brands!

  7. If the oneplus 5 had good quality DACs and front facing stereo speakers so there would be good sound quality through the speakers and headphones, and an SD card slot, and a 4000 mah battery, then it would be my phone.

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