5 reasons NOT to buy the iPhone XS or XS Max (CNET Top 5)


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  1. Thinking about trying to get the X on Black Friday with $400 gift card at wall mart if I can instead of the XS with $300 gift card. That basically makes it $200 less if you consider the X costs less and you get a bigger gift card. Guess we’ll see what happens.

  2. 5G could have been a really good hardware feature for the XS and could have justified the price tag. I know Apple don’t really innovate but it’s a whole new level of lazy when the biggest feature is arguably a dual sim slot.

  3. the phone is garbage and the prices were wired and when we listen that Apple I brining a new phone we always thought the phone will be better then and other phone and many new features will be added but this two new phone are garbage and the headphones and charger and ever thing is garbage I think it better to buy twenty thousands poco phone and one big mistake done by Apple was if you go to their website you can see the photos of the things you will get there new iphone xs max they saws you will get a otg cable with it but it is not there when I saw the unboxing

  4. By the way I need to troll this because I still use 3G network thou 4G is widely use, and why buy a wild card Xr for US$799 for a pixel density only 326ppi is the same pixel density as iPhone 5 ( don't believe me go check it out yourself ) if the price u get Xr , u rather buy a Huawei P20 pro

  5. It's the Apple fans who make Apple treat them like fools.
    Small screens… Fans are ok
    Low spec display… ok
    Remove hphone jack …ok
    No SD expansion … ok
    Pay for fast charger.. ok
    Pay for whatever… Yeay!!

    Apple decides "See, they'll pay good money to defend our shit. So piss on them."

  6. I don’t think 5G is going to be all that fast just like when 4G launched. It really wasn’t all that and with 5G not being able to even penetrate our own body? I’ll wait until they get their act together and I’ll have a better smartphone

  7. The R will not be as good as the Max. There have been videos showing the reasons why it is cheaper. Go watch them. I’m getting the Max, with my trade-in, for only $500 over the course of 18 months. Just lease your damn phones, people. Such the better way to go.

  8. I'm sorry you lost me by 0:20 when you started whining like a little baby about a headphone jack. Anyone who is still whining about this, whoever they are, are too stupid to own an iPhone.

    Guess what, they also don't have a floppy drive, VGA output, or a iOMEGA back up tape solution.

    It's 2018, we don't plug our laptops into an ethernet cable any more. We don't wonder if Ross and Rachel were on a break. We use WIRELESS technology. Wireless headphones or ear pods are awesome. Why the HELL would you want to have a bunch of cables hanging around your neck if you don't need them?

    As a frequent traveller who always has the latest iPhone, I was a bit surprised when Apple dropped the jack. So I did some research, picked up some wireless noise cancelling headphones, and they are incredibly handy. I'd never ever go back now, even if the 2019 iPhone had a jack. It is just a waste of space, which could be better used to make the phone more waterproof or fit a larger battery or speakers in it.

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