5 Things Android Phones CAN Do Even The iPhone X CAN’T


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  1. I'M SO GLAD I SWITCHED TO ANDROID IT'S THEEEEEEE BESTTTT C; it made my channel grow so much!I earned 1,3k in 1 week,before i had 200 it's only because i used android and powerdirector(powerdirector is only for android)

  2. THE DISPLAY IS NOT INTERRUPTED! GET IT IN TOUR THINK HEADS. The display goes beyond the plastic. If you like to view videos full screen the tou are already cutting off the top and bottom of the screen. You are adding screen by adding the notch not intruding. It's not even 1st grade science to figure that out.. So sick of this

  3. The problem with this video is that they compared multiple Android phones to the one iphone x( I know its in the title but that could be just so the have the video appear when someone searches iphone x) if your going to compare Apple versus Android you need to compare Android phones to the 8 and the X because two of the points(touch Id and the notch) with the iphone X doesn't appear as a problem with the 8 and they both were released near to the same time (I know this comment is probably pointless on something that's probably a year old now(didn't check)but it entertained me typing it out)

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