5 things you need to know before rooting your Android phone or tablet


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  1. Excuse me bro, I have coolpad note 3 with me and I rooted it.Now I want to factory reset my phone because my Google play store, Google services ,etc are not working or not signing in from any ID. please tell me what to do.some people suggests me to factory reset my phone and some r saying don't do it. so my main question is :- IS THERE ANY PROGRAM TO FACTORY RESET ANY ROOTED PHONE….

  2. I want to root my phone in the sole purpose of getting my delete videos, pictures and files etc recovered by diskdigger app, but my question is if rooting is deleting then will my deleted files prior doing the rooting process will be permanently deleted?

  3. And ah 1 and ah 2 and ah way we go, i am about to test how tech savvy I really am………for a senior I am confident that if I f@@k up, it's my phone…..ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..well it's not that funny, or is it.

  4. i just rooted intex aqua ace.after 5days the display light went off for 3-4times a day…after that nowadays display goes for7-8 hour and come back …. the touch and other function are completely normal and i can receive calls and wifi also works well while screen is black>… any solution bro??how can it be fixed??

  5. huhuhuhu please answer i already payed like 20 dollars just to fix my tablet . ok so heres the reason when i rooted my device btw i used kingoroot and then when i turned off my device that are already rooted and open it again it stuck on logo screen!!!!!! it stucks on lenovo for those who do . please tell me how to fix it

  6. I see HTC 10, M8 and M9 on your page – have you ever done the old EVO3D? I have the Rogers and Sprint models which are great for 3D photos but suck as phones because of all the BLOATWARE which causes them to crash and lock up all the time. Any help will be much appreciated. please don't tell me to upgrade to a newer phone because I want the 3D more than the phone and no one is making 3D anymore TIA

  7. i watched a couple of your other vids plus other people's vids for my following obstacle. i found a zte zmax z981 pro on the ground this wknd. screen is cracked to be damned but the battery was practically dead and there was no sight of the owner. so i'm going to have the screen replaced and i got an adapter to charge it. i know how to factory reset certain mobile devices including this and program phone numbers,etc as i'm a lite tech junkie. no video i've come across including yours has been able to help bypass the frp via the google search bar. i did a factory reset to bypass the screen lock and i have access to wifi networks but the share/search bar trick shown in one of your vids by c4e doesn't work on this phone, nor does holding down the right LED button and the screen still has 100% functionality. i added the device to my google account but i still get the message that i must log in with a gogle account synched to the device. i'm curious to know if you have a hack for this. i was thinking maybe there's a way to byass this crap to get to the home screen and settings like i did for this sweet imac i just scored a month ago with which i also had to bypass user info and create a new acct via c:/ tricks methods. i appreciate your grey matter on this and you've got a very awesome channel dude.

  8. Sooo…. I want to root my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, but everytime I tried to root it the FRP Lock blocked my way… can someone tell me how to bypass it and install the root, please ?

  9. i need help… i rooted my device while ago and now its messed up my playstore broke, my youtube broke, alot of stuff that require internet broke… i would do factory reset but i have game that i need to save but i cannot save it because google play games also broke… so im asking u to tell me either how to fix this problem or how to save data from game so it will be safe to back it up when i do factory reset… PLS HELP ME

  10. So just to be clear, this no longer works on even an out-of-the-box fire 5th gen. I did something stupid and bricked mine, and the new one comes with Fire OS 5.1.1. The TWRP recovery only works with 5.0.1 and below, straight from the super utility .bat file.

  11. Will something happen to my phone? I have rooted my phone before, nothing happens, and i unrooted it. Because i thought somethime might happen to my phone, will something happen?

  12. I tried rooting my phone and got it soft bricked by trying to install a custom font but I'm afraid I'm going to soft brick my phone again even tho I have Samsung kies3 to recover my phone but how I just want to mod games. how do I prevent my phone from being soft bricked again?

  13. I've never rooted a device. I recently got an HTC One M8 and I'm thinking about rooting it. The reason I'm hesitating is because I do not know all of the risks and if they're worth it. All I want to do mainly is customize it (navigation buttons, android version, etc.) Can that screw up my phone in any way? If it does I will not be able to get another phone, is it worth it?

  14. Hi, i have the oneplus two i i would like to root it but i dont really know how and im afraid that that im gonna mess it up. Can you please help me? btw will it mess up/destroy my battery?

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