$6300 Lamborghini Android Phone + $10,000 Fully Encrypted Gold iPhone 6!


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  1. When apple fanboys say you use Android because you can't afford an iPhone
    Me: * show this video to them * now who said we can't afford an iPhone maybe You can't afford an Android

  2. why would anybody buy those phones. just buy a normal fucking phone. who gives a fuck how it was made. as long as it works, than I'll buy it. why gold? who really gives a fuck about it made of gold. just buy a normal I phone .

  3. 34 million power battery? Million what? Amps? Is it a tritium fusion power plant? Or maybe he said 34 MAh which would be 34 amps, which again it's pretty fucking huge. Yeah, it's probably 3.5 MAh. Please enunciate man.

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