8 cool alternate uses for an Android smart phone!


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  1. why? Why? WHY? Thanks for this. Very smart, though… Now I can be much more dependent on my devises. About 35 years ago I didn't need any of this devises to live happy as a rich troubled monkey. I did lots of exercises, I run, jump, smile a lot, i did everything a young child should do to grow happy and healthy, now my son doesn't know nothing about feeling great each and every day, because he spends all days looking in to his i-phone, smartphone, his tablett his computer… and he is ansious, nervous, selfich, stupid, imature, but i love him… what can i do???
    I know! take away those stupid devises and take him to the wild Where he will have to earn his food, by learning all skills to survive without an Android or an i-phone to order a stupid pizza!!!👹👿💀👾

  2. Why didn't you give that bum a quarter? I'm sure he would have put it to good use, like for his college fund and certainly not for drugs. No way. In Obama's Socialist/Communist America EVERYBODY deserves a Free Ride.

  3. Lol. You're a funny dude meng. Don't get this upbeat vibrant vibe from other folks of similar content… Typically 'professionally monotonous' — This was really some good tech vibes.

  4. Most of the uses I can see, get the right software installed on the phones and away you go. But on the last one, that's not going to work. without an active simcard the phone will not be able to use the built in voip for non emergency calls. So you'd have to install some 3rd party voip service and I don't know of any that will let you make calls for free.

  5. i have both cellphones shown in your video: a855, sgs3. a855 is now my wall clock. Can you recommend a better app that displays time and tomorrow's weather, some news headlines, sunset time, as I choose? that runs on Android 2.1.1?

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