8 Tips to improve battery life on Android phones


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  1. Tip number 9: As of Android 5.0 under developer options and then "Simulate color space" you can set it to monochromacy. This will change the display to greyscale which uses a lot less battery than the colour mode. Personally I have also found text easier to read outdoors in daylight with this setting on my Galaxy Note 5.

  2. Don't use your cellphone while playing. if u always do this check your battery and look at the 3 gold thing and if u see a black tiny things on those 3 gold it means there's a problem on your cellphone

  3. my phone is on airplane mode from 8-5 since I use Google Hangouts to make calls and texts on my PC. after 5:30pm I use: "phone schedule" to turn off background synchronization automatically and then re-enables the sync at 7am. these tips gets me three days of battery life with moderate phone usage on my Moto g4.

  4. is it going to harm your smartphones battery if you play games while charging the phone ? i always play games by plugging in the charger .need experts advise. thanks in advance
    N.b- currently using a Samsung galaxy note 4

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