An Android Phone I actually really like


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  1. What a phone looks like has absolutely no effect on which phone I choose. That's a retarded reason to not get a phone. Now a phone being shaped like and as slippery as a bar of soap is a good reason to not get a phone; although, it's negated if you use a case or a skin.

  2. I'm a convinced Android user (tho I don't dislike iPhones at all), and this is a great device, but still.. meh
    You say that for Android only users this could probably be an interesting switch, but not all of us (almost anyone actually) like those bulky and "omg I'm a gamer I'm so power there is power I only like power" designs.
    I honestly prefer a slimmer and more elegant design, like the Mi Mix 2S (or iPhones)

  3. I remember when I wanted to game hard like dead effect 2 for an hour on ultra 1440p at 60fps when I got my s7 edge new I put it in a container with ice water and a wireless charger underneath and had a Bluetooth controller and headphones plugged it. Stayed at 100% gaming power never slowed down stayed ice cold.

  4. How the fuck am i ended in an Isheep channel looking for news on the rog phone?…you guys are so blinded that can't understand what a true non limited operating system is plus expandable storage, REAL file manager, audio jack, game emulators…

  5. Really appreciate your opinions. But feel like you are lil too up on the apple fan boy side.
    1. Android is a far free and open market.
    2. Lots of developers involved.
    3. Don't know how you say gaming is better in apple than android.
    4. Apple is way over priced for it's products as well as service.
    5. And service way below par, and don't give a fk about customers.
    6. It's said applr are the most well built products, but they aren't.
    7. They removed all ports just to gain more money on their proprietory hubs and connectors.
    8. And if you are not audio buff, you don't understand the value of headphone jack. Consider htc and lg dacs.
    9. They just want to make more money by giving as little as possible.

    I do own and Iphone7, a MacBook pro, and macbook air, OnePlus 5t and HP elitebook.
    Not a Windows or Android fan boy. But they don't glide around exaggerating their better Ness. Love the macOS have to admit.

    But have to say they aren't the best. They just like to drain money from customers.

  6. To me the rog phone is a great Rog line item. Won't really care about much if it's ability.
    I currently have a razer phone which I got because it was available (contract)
    I really love how the rog looks and the ds sorta dock looks like a great power bank on top of dual screens

  7. turns out that thing only cost $730 at which point it is a legit threat over the Pixel itself

    like HOLY FUCKING SHIT are you serious ?

    also, you did not just gloss over the BEST camera system in a phone ever
    you got the camera hardware copied from those who are doing the best thing (LG) with that regular and wide-angle camera
    paired with the SnD 845 and … well, you get the idea

    (i mean obviously you know that, by this point, the processor of a phone and android version matter more than camera hardware when it comes to overall quality, right ? because those are the sole limiting factors that determine what the max versionvof Gcam you can run on it )

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