Android Data Transfer to New Phone | Contacts, Text, Pictures, Music, Games


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  1. Is there a way of moving games downloaded away from the play store. I've tried that apk extractor with bully n gta but it doesn't work say failed to load or whatever. Like it's not receiving the proper files to boot

  2. Im just gonna be lazy here and i dont know if the dude mentioned it (if it has). But what if i dont have the NEW PHONE yet? But i just need to have it all ready. Im planning to sell my current phone so i could buy a new one so i need to have it ready by then because i cant have 2 phones (old and new) at the same time. Is there such a way? Like a cloud or something? Maybe you guys can comment the time he actually mentioned such option. thanks.

  3. I have the most basic android you ever saw, as it is a free phone for low income. I picked up another model very similar to it on ebay for 10 bucks, and have no Google account. I'll be wanting to transfer my contacts (copy) to the new phone. Can I do it with blue tooth, and directly to the other phone's contacts folder?

  4. I know this is an older video, but I am encountering issues. I just tried this method and most of the process worked really well for me. Thank you! My only obstacle seems to be that all my text messages have backed up except for messages I have sent to people. In other words, my message threads only include the messages I have received, but not the ones I've sent. Is this common or am I just impatient and it's taking a while to load?

  5. i am using Panasonic eluga ,i need help ,my mobile rest so how to get old photos and whatsapp msg and gmail ,all in all loos so how to get ,help me any useful soft ware inform me 8220989770

  6. I'm trying to transfer my phone calls and especially my text messages I made it all the way to the part where I select the phone calls and text messages and back up and I'm sorry in my files but I don't get a share option when I select them when I select them I only get the option to copy move delete and cancel do you know if there's a way around this

  7. hi brett i am having difficult transferring my saved wifi networks from old phone to new phone i know i have done it before it normally pops up with i log in with my google account but having difficulty now any suggestions?

  8. Geez. This just reminds me why I left Androids. I can’t believe Google doesn’t have this. I only say this because I am trying to transfer my mom’s text messages to another android. Apparently, Google Messenger will not transfer old text to the new phone.

  9. I used this app and it worked great! The problem I'm having is how do I transfer my bookmarks? Do I go back into my old phone and back-up my bookmarks somehow and then I'm not sure what to do from there.

  10. Thank you so much.. I saw your video by chance and in the right time. Because I needed to use my new phone since I got it (4 month ago 🙈) but feeling nervous that I don't want to lose anything on my older phone.. Now I can do that easily.. yaay. 😁

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