Android Hack How To Charge Your Phone With A 9 Volt Battery


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  1. We are in Largo Fl buckling down and waiting for the beast Irma to visit. We tried your charger and IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM !!!!Thank you for your video, it may make a BIG difference for us in the coming days !!!

  2. Btw. In case of an emergency, I have a backup spare external battery pack. Plus, I got solar panels in case the batter pack dies. Not like this matters to me since I live in the Midwest, I'm just saying lol. Plus $5 for 2 batteries,and it takes 7 ($5 for 2…so, $17.50 for 7), just to charge your phone once! Im might be wrong, but I thought you could buy solar powered battery packs for just $20 or so? Now granted it's not as convient if you don't have one on you, you still would have to go to a store a buy one. But it just seems like a better way than buy 4 packs of batteries to charge your phone once. Plus, they also sell disposable battery packs now. Also, there are ways to charge your phone with fruit. Or, if your car still runs, you could just as easily plug your phone into the car charger. There are also hand crank battery packs that deliver juice to your device as long as you're turning the handle. They also have Generators (which not everyone has obviously) that will work as well. You could also put your phone into battery saving mode. Or turn it off completely, except for when you actually need it. Of, if you have a laptop that has juice, you can use it to power up your phone a few times as well. There are SEVERAL ways to stay charged during a storm, so No Excuses!! You may not live, but at least you'll have enough power for your phone to stay alive 🙂 🙂

  3. Pretty cool, stocking up on battery packs is the best way to go if you know it's on the way. My 20,000mh and 28000mah packs should take care of my phone for awhile in a pinch

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