Android phone 3G setup with BSNL 3G


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  1. To all the XOLO dual-sim users, I too faced the same problem of not being able to setup the BSNL 3G.
    What I did is, I switched the BSNL sim-card into another slot, restarted the phone, and BOOM, I got the 3G 😉
    Hope this helps.

  2. HI ranjit, I have a XOLO Q700 dual sim, and i just bought a bsnl 3g card. I have installed the configuration settings, but still the network mode in cellone does not show the option of WCDMA ! dont know what to do, please advise.
    Thanks and regards.

  3. is there any setting which will select 3g network over 2g network where both are present. i want to set my cell like this: when both 3g and 2g netwroks present cell awitches to only 3g network anf when only 2g network present then it automatically select it. in android i have to do it manually. plz help.

  4. Thanks man. But I have another problem. I have HTC google nexus one and I do not have option of "network mode" in my phone. Plus I set up access point as said but still it doesn't work.

  5. im on three i did this and now i have noo signal i try to changed from gsm only too gsm/wcdma but it just changed back i tried to connect to three and other networks but it wont allow me i think you have done my phone it thanks! please reply!!!

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