Android phone repair sucks – here’s why.


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  1. My phone is the sole internet connection at home, so I do have a need to get it running asap if it breaks.

    Though I put in an effort to take care of my stuff, and have yet to break or drown a phone.

  2. I actually disassembled my Motorola Droid twice, filling my desk with all these tiny parts (god, so many little boards and flexes). First to change my slowly failing screen with another not-so-failed one. And second to check if it was me fucking up or that the new screen came broken, and it was the screen.
    Good thing that I did it a lot faster the second time.

  3. I dealt with this with my Asus nexus2013 tablet. I loved that thing and the charger port broke. Spent 75 to fix it just because I loved the thing and it was 360 to replace at the time. I don't know what that part costs, but it's only worth around 50c.

  4. Your comparison is not that consistent because:
    1. You are comparing iphone to android. compare it to samsung, google or another vendor, android is not a vendor
    2. You can't expect to fix the display to a phone like to a laptop because every gen of phones pushed the dpi limit as for laptops nobody gave a s**t for 10 years so we had only 1366×768 which sucks. If I have a 16 inch full hd display I will have the same problem as for phones, not to mention the high ends that have over that or even touchscreen.
    3. The part availability is an american problem because iphone. Europe has cheap samsung, htc, sony parts
    4. You're not considering the acquisition price…

  5. true story, i was trying to replace the battery in my g tab 3, and rip the lcd cable in half. luckily, the cable is separate from the board and screen, so i just had to replace the cable, not the whole display

  6. Louis is right about HTC lock buttons breaking. I bought a Windows Phone 8S by HTC brand new for £129.99 in 2014 from Phones 4U. Not so long after the power button gets really hard to push (needs a lot of force), also the phone would always randomly reboot, which was likely due to the faulty SIM trays in all those phones. Anyway, the phone was still under warranty, so I sent it in for repair, and then Phones 4U goes bankrupt. It took months to get my phone back from the repair centre, but eventually I did. The power button was replaced, and it worked fine for a few months. The SIM tray was still faulty and always has been. I started replacing the power button flex myself, since they cost about £1.20, I have done it about 8 times until 2015 when I just gave up and left it broken. I fixed the SIM tray issue by buying a replacement motherboard in a faulty phone.

  7. The only android phones actually worth my time fixing(sweden): Galaxy S/Note series, Sony Z series, Google Nexus. All others is usually just more of a pain in the ass.

    So like you said in the video. Still a big problem with fragmentation in the android market. And all these god damn $100-200 android phones… People expecting you to fix it for $50-60. Fuck that, buy another one!

  8. You know the shocking part of this is how STUPID Samsung, LG, and Asia Inc are about their hardware designs. Why can't they use more common parts between such obviously nearly identical products. It costs them more and everyone else more. Samsung is likely the worst. Not only do they design a phone that so frequently catches fire they get banned on major airlines but the "fixed" version still catches fire! WTF! So is it any surprise they use 8 different 5 inch screens for 8 nearly identical phones with the same resolution?

  9. I agree some of the points you make, but not all. Yes android part fragmentation is a thing and yes some android phones are "trapped" so you can fuck them up when you try to fix something simple, but compared to the iphones, oh my GOD the iphones! With all their teeny tiny proprietary screws, and washers, and plastic clips, and microscopic connectors stacked on top of each other, and ribbons under the PCB, these are literally the guys that invented the traps inside a phone! Let's just say I had a really hard time opening a CAT B25 phone to repair the charge connector, and you know these things are meant to last forever right, they are certainly not meant to be opened. Well I consider the iphone 5 a way more difficult phone to disassemble, and assemble back CORRECTLY, than this little CAT tank phone.

  10. The screen thing is different because screens are a status symbol. Better resolutions means bigger penis. Apple is part of that problem.

    And beyond that, cell phone size and weight is a selling factor.

    None of this really matters for laptops or desktops.

  11. I see that the majority of your gripe is about Samsung. Well, they wouldn't last in my line of work, where I could be working at pretty healthy heights, to soaking wet conditions. A samsung wouldn't last me a week. They are very "soft"" (for lack of a better word) that will brake the moment you look too hard at it. Samsung = Sumsing = Dum-FUK. Fucking crap. Just throw the peace of shit away and buy a new one.

  12. So quick question… I was thinking about going into cell phone repair and let's say worst case scenario, you fuck up somehow while working on the phone and the phone is kaput. You fucked up. How do you handle this with the customer? Do you say your really sorry and buy them a new phone? Do you have some sort of "fuck up insurance?"

  13. LOL, I thought I was the only tech who does not like other people staring at then while they worked. My only exception to this rule is when I am training another tech.

  14. The terrible hardware fragmentation is the reason for initiatives like Fairphone, PuzzlePhone, PhoneBloks, the ZTE Eco Mobius and Project Ara. Fairphone has shipped, but only to Europe. There's been no recent news from PuzzlePhone or ZTE. PhoneBloks is only a proposal to industry. Project Ara recently got killed. If anything, the lack of progress with modular Android phones has motivated me into learning more about developing my own hardware. There's a whole untapped market of not just repairing phones, but also modding them features they never came with.

  15. USA is setup crapply for phone repair, that's what it is. In Russia I have many different part resellers. I call one of them, order the part that I need, and they bring it to me for free, or they send it free via a bus, or they send it via paid mail or delivery service. I get the part, I repair the phone. If I don't use the part, or the part is bad, I send it back, I get my money back. I don't even stock iPhone screens. Now it does take time because I live in small city, but if you bring your phone today for repair, tonight I will take the part off the bus, and tomorrow I will fix your phone. Lack of parts is not why Android phones suck balls. (by the way here is a business idea for you, parts supplier)

    The real reason why Android phones suck balls is because usually Android phones are cheap or like in the case of Samsung phone parts are expensive.

    Let's say your phone is cost $120, and your part & labor comes out to $50. Often times those who do have Android phones don't have money for something better, and they do not have money for repair.

    Now reality of things, screens do not break as often as microUSB breaks on Android phones. Thus you need to stuck on USB connectors, lots of different kinds.

  16. I completely understand what you're saying. Android phones haven't got much easier S5 are decently easy and now the s6 is a nightmare it's like working on iPhone 4S. but I'll work on iPhone 6 is all day long. I can make a ton of easy money fixing an iPhone 6 if I didn't work for Batteries Plus fixing phones for their profits and my minimum wage….

  17. I've found three things that keep me sane as an Android user:

    1) Folio case. In my experience the most absolute number one premature failure of cell phones is the screen cracking. No other case style actually covers the screen. Sure, some of them bump up a little around the edges to protect it if you drop the phone on a flat surface, but drop it on a rock or something and the screen is done. Some of them have a piece of plastic over that may help reduce scratches, but do nothing against the kind of hit that cracks the screen. And, as you said, take it in for repairs and the price is just not worth it. And many folio cases have slots for some cards and cash so you can often get away without having a separate wallet.

    2) No contract cheap phone, somewhere in the $50-$100 range is usually just good enough. It probably won't run all the latest games, but you can text/call, get email, browse the web, check facebook, run Pandora and use the GPS to get somewhere. True, you don't have that up front subsidy from the cell phone company making the phone look cheap, but the difference in price between prepaid and regular plans will buy a couple inexpensive phones a year on the savings. And when it stops working, you can just walk into Best Buy or Walmart or a lot of gas stations or convenience stores and pick up a new one and be good to go rather than finding someone who can service it.

    3) Save everything you care about to the cloud. Photos, contacts, calendar, etc. If you need more storage, you can get another 100 gigs for about $2 a month from Google. When you consider how much you are saving on the phone plan itself… $2 is pocket change.

    So, think of the phone as disposable, but buy the right case to protect it. And tough looking matters less than actually covering the screen when the phone is in (or falling out of) your pocket.

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