Android phone surveillance. A wireless camera on your phone.


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  1. cmon a slightly trained monkey could do a better video and im not talking a chimp im talkin a straight off of johny depps movie monkey after he chain smoked 10 packs of smokes….he would be much easier to understand too

  2. Is it possible to create a spy camera by using smartphones or tablet parts. You know like recycling the parts or dissasembling them.. If not could it at least record or even better transmitt

  3. Do you need sim card for this? Or only wifi? Or do you have sim in one of them? Was thinking about having several sim cards. It is a problem in our country. They even start asking questions when i bought 3 cheap mobil phones. Without sim cards.

  4. This is great, I can have the app on my Galaxy S 3 and on my Acer Tablet, setup the Wifi Hotspot on my Galaxy S3 and connect the viewer from my Tablet connecting to the WiFi hotspot and away we go (with the Wifi range of course, or get the 3G / 4G app that works with this and even better! and of course theres the part where you can just go to the Web site on your PC / Laptop and view it from there also if on the same WiFi network. all I want now is a mini camera that can run a scaled down android version get this app running on it and I'm all set for putting the camera on my remote control copter.

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