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  1. Is it true that there is no HomTom customer service in the USA and in
    case of malfunctions the only option is to send the phone back to

  2. hi tampatec
    watch your video on the homtom ht6. I like the phone so i ordered two
    one for and my wife. well I have them on service through striaght talk
    in south carolina with att as carrier. well they will call and message
    but no data service striaght talk even sent more sims now there telling
    me its in the phone. i have tried the choose automatically setting to 4g
    with no avail to get conected to 4g. can you shed some light on the
    problem please.
                        Your subscriber Robert Crowe mobile home work shop

  3. In your video, you state the company claims the phone will last 7 days on a single charge. Since your son has possessed it & after real world application of apps, games etc, how many days has the battery lasted before needing to be recharged?

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  5. I hope u can help me? I currently have a Samsung g3, pay as u go w/Boost mobile, also Galexy Tab A 9.7. Wifi only i think. I will be living in my camper van. How could I watch tv or even netflix? I will not always be at a Starbucks etc. would this new phone help? I also have a 32" smart tv but it is too big for my van…my head is hurting from all this tech stuff! I am 61 and a girl so I have 2 excuses! Lol! TY ! 🐙

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