Android Phone Won’t power on or charge Fix (Digicel DL1000)


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  1. Just as an FYI, this appears to be almost identical to the Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL 5054N. Although inner (inside) battery cover has many tiny (1.5mm) screws holding it on. Thanks for sharing!! 👍

  2. Well my son's Plum z516 rapidly dropped to 0 and shut off and wont turn on again nor charge. When its plugged it, it flashes the plum logo every 10 seconds. Tried everything, including cleaning charging ports, a different charger. Same issue, cant soft reboot nothing

  3. Bro i need help so basically once i was raging a lot cuz i was playing one game and i threw it so hard on carpet but it didnt break luckily, and my mobile doesnt work since then, please reply and help me if u can i cant turn on it

  4. I have an android phone that will turn on but won't charge. I ended up jumping the battery by putting 5V power to it for a few seconds and I got it to where the phone will start up but when I plug a USB charger in it won't charge. It was bought dirt cheap at a yard sale so it's no loss but I love tinkering and I may have to resort to connecting the battery terminals of the phone directly to the battery of a small power bank and then just charge the powerbank.

    This phone is not my current phone I have a much nicer one. My plan for this yard sale phone is to put a streaming music app on it and hook it to my stereo and play music.

  5. Let me tell you my story: so my friend once told me to download a game called mobile legends and some months later i got addicted to it so i started playing it all day at christmas holidays after some weeks of unstoppable playing ,my phone started to restart on its own, then i told it to my uncle (he knows everything about phones) and he told me that he had the same problem with his old phone and he couldn't do anything about it… So i came up with the idea that the battery was the main problem so i ordered 1 online and tested it.. It worked perfectly… After 3 months my phone started overheating when the screen was on for 15-1h causing the phone to lag sooo much… I Got used to it…. But it was a day that i was playing a important game mode in mobile legends i was playing for my phone just lagged and didnt response to anything i did, so i raged sooo hard that i threw my phone on the floor with alot of force and i started doing excuses then i realized that the screen of my lg g flex2 was black and wouldnt do anything even trying to hard reset it… After that i ended using my mom's old phone… The iphone 4 in 2018😂😡

  6. hello, I have lenovo tab 3 7 and it suddenly turned off in enough battery, now it only vibrates on pressing power switch.
    I have tried disconnecting the battery and reconnect it, but it didn't work. Also I have tried your method, but it won't start. Plz help. I hope you'll reply to my problem soon. Thank you!

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