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  1. WELL I'LL BE DARNED! THE SMACK METHOD WORKS! You have to really really smack it. I ran through all the steps, the volume down with the power button very often as well. Hit that phone hard!

  2. I think it's freakin' ridiculous that we need to troubleshoot a phone we paid around $600 dollars for. A reflection on the firms that put out this rubbish.

  3. i tried the 15th step on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and it worked and im so relieved cuz i'd been trying all the other ways and i had no response so thanks a million. you've saved me an awkward conversation with my parents and my sister.

  4. I have an LG android track phone. black screen appears after some time watching a YouTube video or on a wiki fandom sit (AvP/subnautica…) screen goes black, I wait 5 sec then tap top right corner. screen returns for a sec then goes to lock screen. I unlock screen, back to where I was then find my background image is now default. Is this a bad ad or memory issue?

  5. I have a HTC M9 and it keeps booting me out of all apps and menus but works ok on landscape mode updates /hard reset not made any different can any one help as driving me nuts last few months

  6. hey bro i got a s7 edge SM-G935F model
    i flashed CP and BL of nuogout After i installed a custom rom with marshmallow bp and cl
    i just updated after i installed andoid nuogout and now it wont start even i connect to the charger any solution ?

  7. hello guys and anyone who can help
    i followed every step from one through 15 and nothing worked , also did the 123 step several times
    and nothing ( here is what happens with the phone when i power it on it vibrates and LED lights up as well as the front keys but screen is black, the song plays as if it was booting up and every few seconds the phone does a light vibration but the screen still black. thanks to anyone who can help btw my phone is a samsung galaxy note 3

  8. step 15 and step 14 together….. Then "power button and volume down simultaneously" WAS LITERALLY THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED AFTER LIKE MORE THAN 2029282828292928828272 times! Jk , exaggerating but. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. I WAS LITERALLY CRYING AND PANICKING OH KGOD. I FREAKING LOVE YOU THANKS MAN. (Samsung E7 , nonremovable battery)

  9. Ps. Ive an older Dell streak tablet that also went into bootloop…all devices days apart. I hardly ever use tablet because I did a factory reset and lost google play store. Do you have a vid or a suggestion…website etc I can find answers… Thank you very much

  10. THANK YOU! Ive fixed bootloops on a couple samsung devices. Only one that wont budge was my Galaxy Lite. I followed some of your steps and seems to be downloading…..if not. I will smack volume key (and everything else with a hammer). Its given me enough grief and its just the device I use for gaming. Thanks

  11. I have and old LG MYtouch and it turns on the logo screen but won't go any farther and just sits on the screen for hours and does not show me anything else. I was wondering if you could help me with this.

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