Apple iPhone X Review: The Best Yet!


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  1. Remember when Apple was all about "doing something different" rather than "do something similar and make it better"?

    Apple wowed me in 2007 with the iPhone and since 2012, they haven't really wowed me, especially since most of the features on their phones now a days were already implemented on Android at least once, and Apple's alternatives aren't much better. Removing the headphone jack took "courage"? lol, Apple already was on the expensive social image prep kids market for some time, rather than the general public, alienating millions of people who prefer aux cord listening is just solidifying the obvious. The iPhone X stands against everything the original iPhone was about, which I find somewhat funny. Apple isn't what they used to be.

    Android is the most used operating system period! Even more used than all versions of Windows combined, Apple catering to rich folk who want to flaunt their social status isn't a great long-term strategy, Apple overcharges their products for what? To make a silly office building that has inefficient work flow design? Instead of innovating newer products?

  2. It's not well know but pretty much all Android devices cannot record 4K for more than a few minutes without having to stop and start again. It's like 4K is an Android gimmick feature. iPhone does not have that problem

  3. Will gladly stick to my iPhone 5s that has worked like a charm for 4 years. Still works like it did right from the shop. But honestly all you people who take your phones seriously, grow up. No one over 8 years old gives a shit that you think androids are better than iPhones or vice versa. They still all make fucking calls a send texts.

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