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  1. I have had three Android phones and am not impressed. The first phone
    would not notify me when I received a call. The audio on the
    replacement phone was so bad that no one could understand me. The sound
    kept breaking-up. Both times when I took the phone to the Verizon store
    to have them transfer data from one phone to the other, the person
    could not transfer my photos. There were only about a dozen photos and
    they could not get the new phone to accept them from the old phone.
    Even some of my contacts were lost because they would not transfer.

  2. you say china lol i wont buy china product they will only use the money to make a fake island in my country philippines and soon china will kill us all because china are canebal and organ napper

  3. I was going to get the moto g but I felt that buying a HTC one m8 was a better value. they go for as low as 150 on eBay and even gamestop. I got a manufacturer refurbished like new one off eBay for 189.

  4. DON'T BUY THIS FUCKING PHONE. I BOUGHT IT AND THE POWER BUTTON, VOLUME BUTTONS, AND HEADPHONE JACK BROKE WITHIN 2 DAYS. (Headphone jack is too small so 3.5mm headphones pop out when you put them in) Specs are good but the phone can get hot. Display looks nice and the phone runs fast. Camera sucks ass in low light.

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