Best Android phone in 2018: Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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  1. I've never owned a pixel phone I have owned nexus phones I know it's not the same but I own a note 8 at the moment I actually use the s pen and love it as well the design the display the performance and features just win me over

  2. Well presented, logical and without any apparent bias. Will Samsung ever just release and Nude Android Note or Galaxy phone. Keep the Sammy Health app for the watches etc. even keep the Sammy pay app. And dump the rest.
    Let the customer decide. Curiosity killed the cat ….Greed killed the Pig.
    Sammy phone build is 10/10 just the bloat is holding it back from true greatness. Dr Oh Hyun Kwon, your destiny stands alone and awaits you.
    I approve of this message. ……….Just sayin.

  3. He said:" few things that the pixel offers and no other phone can match even note 8" like really ? He said 3 things ! 4th is basically same
    I'll just give him 3 things then… to be fair
    -MicroSD slot (256gb)
    -3.5mm jack
    -S pen
    The list is waaaaay longer common guys it's not because whatever reason you like or dislike a company that you have to overplay it

  4. wireless charging and the S Pen are the reason I would go with Note 8, even tho I love stock Android and all the custom roms I have installed in all my phones I have purchased over the years. But I do want to try something different with S Pen and we can all agree that the screen is crazy good.

  5. iPhone guy but first smartphone was HTC EVO , I still love android haven’t used it in forever tho but you android fanboys are kinda pathetic, I’m 22 and 30 year olds argue with me when I pull my phone out saying can my phone do this , you android fanboys lucky to be married if you are but y’all probably getting cheated on lame ass mfs

  6. I have both. Use both as daily drivers. I like both. I prefer to use my pixel more. But there's things I need the note for like the s pen. Cropping a photo using my s pen vs having to screen shot, go into the photos and crop photo. Camera is no comparison. My pixel takes beautiful photos.

  7. Correction Google phones get 2 years updates and 1 year security (but at there discretion or if they can they may release the latest version of Android even if it's inside the third year, if not it just be the monthly security patches at start if each month)

  8. Other then lack or headphone jack, slightly worse display, no SD card slot, and no wireless charging. What else isn't in the pixel 2 xl? I'm leaning towards the pixel as the screen is still good but not the best, I can live w/o a headphone jack, sd card slot and wireless charge.

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