Best Android Phone of the Year! (2016)


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  1. Great video, man. Not the biggest fan of this phone, but it's great and I agree that it's quite underrated. The IR blaster is a big part of the appeal. But again, Android as a whole is underrated. For me, the Pixel has the best experience on any Android phone. Only if it had all the top notch features, it'd be the best smartphone.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more Armando. LG are not releasing it where I am in the UK. CRAZY. I got mine imported from Hong Kong. I finally retired my Note 3… replaceable battery and expandable memory… no brainer. ?

  3. I still cannot, for the life of me, figure out the reasoning to why LG did not release this outside the US. I completely agree, the Note 7 was the best, but this comes a close second.

  4. Armando thank you so much for all the hard work and time that you put into all your vids. A Happy new year to you and your family, may 2017 bring you even more success and may your subscriber number era rocket. thanks for another great video. see you in the next video Adiós.

  5. I'm currently using a V20 and sorts regret selling my s7 edge for this. All I wished lg did was put an amoled panel and a bigger 3600 mah battery like on the s7 edge, and a better auto mode like the s7 edge. I'm really considering going back to the s7 edge just for the better battery life and camera, but it means no dual camera, quad dac or that second display. Hard choices, could wait for the s8 and buy the s7 edge on the cheap?

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