Best Android Phones July 2018-Mid-Year Awards


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  1. My friend has the S9+ for two months now and it HAS BURN IN….i was so dissaponted watching this….and if S9's OLED has in two months then consider what will happen to less quality screens like the 1+6 and P20 Pro's…. Despite this i used the S8+ for a month and i saw that when in low light the black pixels does not change the color fast and it appears like a trace behind it, which i saw at the S9+ too… Why NOONE has mention it????

  2. when you talk about software and switch menus, make the brightness lower! Is it really not visible on the camera? or even during installation! unpleasant to watch!

  3. 3 to 3.5 hours on-screen time with G7??? You must have a lemon or something? Mine is going all day, on the whole time, 8+ hours before needing recharge! My G7 rocks thus far!

  4. Imo, the Pixel 2 XL should have been included on this list, as prices are currently plummeting, making it a better budget option than the OP6, and it's successor has yet to be released. Imo, the camera on the Pixel is the best out there (Sure the P20 Pro takes better low light shots but the pixel is the better all rounder in not just my opinion but many others), it has the best software experience on android, provided you get a newer unit, the screen is great, it has IP67, the build quality is great (The "plastic" coating actually feels sexy in the hand). It should take the OnePlus' spot on this list in my honest opinion

  5. LG G7 should get 10/10 for the features ( it's the only one with so many features ) and the hardware at OP6 doesn't compete with HTC and LG, OP6 for the amount of money you pay it's awsome but it doesn't deserve 3rd place + in a few months it will be at same price with the G7.

  6. First thing first… Op6 can't have a better hardware than the lg g7… It isn't water resistance, the speaker is terrible, the screen ain't good as the lg g7 and the list continues. So how does it have better hardware… Care to explain. Only thing the op6 has going for it is it's cheaper price tag and software.

  7. Jeff Awesome Review really enjoyed.So agree with you on the P20 too they could really go far if they would work it out.I have seen so many great Reviews for it as well.Loved the break down for each device love that.Deb👌👍

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