Best Android Phones June 2016


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  1. sad boost mobile.only sells wat.thay phone's.or.Apple.yuck. i wish thay would ad new high end l.g like v-20.but shit can't buy old v-10. ive been a.customer for years know…I'm thinking of new carrier…because. there only selling.what thay want.not people would like two bye..

  2. Never again, will I EVER get an LG device, let alone the G series. I have the G2, and it's been an absolute nightmare. After one year, the phone would overheat, have a battery life of 5 hours ON AIRPLANE MODE, just 4 months ago half the screen became a deadzone, it lagged very hard, it would restart randomly, and now just last week the screen has completely gone out, and I've resorted to an OTG cable to be able to answer calls. Contract ends in two weeks, so looking to get a Samsung or HTC. Terrible experience with LG. It's a true shame.

  3. I've had iphones my entire life and I've decided to go with my very first android phone this year because after watching the last apple event I've realized that apple started copying samsung and google after Steve Jobs died. If you want to find out what features the next iphone is going to have, then you can just look at what features the android phones came out with the year before.

  4. So if you're new to Android…who do you go with? I was debating S7 or S7 edge and more often than not, people recommended the plain S7….but that HTC 10 looks pretty sweet. Any tips? Thanks!

  5. android is shit go Apple 

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