Best FM Transmitter for Android Phone


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  1. I live in large urban city. All fm frequencies are pretty much taken. I purchased previous transmitters and could get any reception. How does this do in large cities with lots of fm stations?

  2. I bought one of these but at first it doesn't show any display but when it does after restarting it thousand times it shows the frequency but doesn't transmit any songs really want someone's help. Please

  3. I bought the eznex 7000 and paid too much, about 40 bucks for it. I got it and its DOA. Seller does not want to honor return or fix it. Yours cost too much too and I know if it arrives DOA you probably won't care since you already sold it. Thanks for the video

  4. This transmitter is specially made for cars that do not have bluetooth, or aux jack. It connect your iphone through the fm radio. If offers ultra clear static free reception with additional hands free feature that let you talk through your car radio.

    The brand is IMB. It is not available at traditional retail channels. It is only available at the website ( see the link in description )

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