Best of Android 2017: 10 Phones, 40+ tests and only 1 winner!


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  1. For those crying for the U11 please read the AA webpage post: "We had also planned to include the ZTE Axon M, HTC U11+ and Essential Phone but problems with a defective unit, lack of availability and delays in shipping meant these three devices failed to make the cut. We picked these devices as they’re the latest from each manufacturer and in the case of the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and others, they are better than their flagship siblings from earlier this year"

  2. Nice comparisons but evidently you have no true audiophiles on your team?! Even tho I would be using a wired mic, why no test on the actually recordings of the mic input performance?? I would liked to have seen that compared because with all the other categories you left out the audio that would be used for direct video recording on the device. Yea, I'm a little disappointed in this showdown. It's incomplete as far as I'm concerned… tisk tisk you guys missed an opportunity because pretty much all of these classes of phones are all winners but again, it would have been cool to hear how well they recorded audio… oh well.

  3. All these people picking LGv30 it sucks I owned and returned it. The s8+ beat it by far. I also own the lgv20 which I liked better then the 30 to be honest. I also have 2 s9+ which is my #1 by far

  4. Well according to dexOMark that give all the phones the ratings the pixel 2 camera beats all those phones by a long shot and for best sound the Razer phone is the world's first thx certified speaker in a phone and that would mean that it is not even close to the other phones

  5. Ok. I'm planning to buy (get money to buy ) a new phone, at my birthday 28th August (2018). I'm looking for a good flagship from late 2017 or 2018. A battery over 3330mah would be nice, and I also want a good camera. I'm not a selfie guy, so the front facing camera isn't thar important to me. I also want a good display. I don't mind 1080p displays, I just want a good looking display and style. Thanks!

  6. Blah i think the Htc u11 should be here its on every other top 10 list. Huawei pretty soon is going to be black listed. AND how a 1080P screen ONE PLUS 1 compares to 2k phones is beyond ME…. the 835 gpu is going to be fast because its got to do less work. BUT whatever and oh ya the Zforce 2 should be rated higher on the value list because its only 375.00 . Paula how the hell does every other reviewer have ACCESS to the HTC U11 and theres wernt defective.. Erica Griffin, Flossy Carter, MKHBD, Phone ARENA, Pocketnow.. again whateva..

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