Best small Android phones (October 2017)


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  1. I have the nokia 3 and it's a really good smartphone, it is thin and looks really good and anyone who sees it thinks it costs more. It runs android 8 oreo stock, and an update to android pie is definitely on the way. Good job nokia!
    It's a good budget phone that stands from the crowd, however when it comes to more premium small phones the Xperias dominate this category.

  2. can you guys please make an updated version of this video…it's so hard to find reviews of anything that isn't a flagship and small phones are usually not flagships. thanks!!!!

  3. Is that a list for an average NBA player?
    Xperia ZX1 C is the only true compact phone on this list!
    For the rest I'd prefer Samsung galaxy S8 because it more narrow than the phones you suggest and better looking of course.

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