Best Underrated Android Smartphones


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  1. This is perhaps the most sensible videos about mobile phones that I've seen in a while.
    I totally agree, mid range devices have got phenomenally better over the years and now actually provide much more usability and value to a NORMAL user than any flagship, that costs an arm and a leg.
    Actually for day to day usage, a midranger is the way to go providing adequate processing power, decent graphics, decent camera, storage and most important- better battery backup.
    And last but not least, they are much easy to replace should anything go wrong, without burning a gigantic hole in the pocket.
    So ya I totally agree with the subject matter of this video. 👍👍

  2. I will buy mid tier smartphones because they can provide something better then flagships like after sales services and quick repairs like OnePlus has recently started in india

  3. it might be weird, but one great underrated phone is xiaomi mi max 2. let me explain
    Yes it is huge and barely pocketable but it does charm in other aspects. With its huge size and huge battery this thing is a beast when it comes to gaming. it doesn't pack with the best engine so to say but it's enough to play games enjoyably, especially with its fullHD screen

  4. "Unfortunately Xiaomi didn't use the QHD display like Samsung did on the Note 7"
    Why would they? Why do you need QHD on a mobile phone? To decrease performance and battery life? I'm doing just fine with 1080p on my 24" monitor.

  5. I would say that the Mate 9 is super underrated, it's not popular enough and it's better than their own P10 series, it's one of the best phones out there, and easily the best i have ever owned.

  6. I hav used vivo,it was gud..but taking about v5 I don't like that it's phones uses mid chip proser sets also in OPPO sets leaving that all is ok..oh, here in India it's pretty famous xd

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