Best Value Android Phone 2017


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  1. So tell me something . Where is the phone drawing back its costs of a flagship phone . It doesn't make any sense that this phone is $200 when an already full out budget phone like the one plus 3 is around $400. The one plus brand reduced cost through limiting phone production but this phone doesn't even have that….

  2. Great easy to follow video. Looking for best bang for buck mobile without the expensive pricetag. i like the fact you include a Antutu result in the video which is informative. With my past mobiles i would spend $1200+ only to realise that it would be obsolete in 2 years and seeing that mobiles are rapidly being superceded by new models ALL the time i figure to look for a phone with similar specs but a fraction of the price. Keep those videos coming!
    Curious your accent kiwi perhaps?

  3. Just researched a lot before buying this phone i can teel you: It doen't have the QC 3.0 feature enabled, neither Gorila Glass 4, neither Metal frame, neither olephobic back. You need to improve your information collecting!

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