BlackBerry DTEK50 vs Priv: Which BlackBerry Android phone is best?


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  1. using priv for 1 month and after marshmallow its a master piece, no lag, no useless touchwiz, hub is fantastic now and overall I would rate it lower than s7 but better than all other android phones at the moment

  2. Thank you. That was a timely comparison for me. While waiting for the priv's price to drop was finding it hard to decide whether to upgrade from my Q10 to the priv which was what i instantly liked since it launched or the new DTEK. The last few days i've been reading several review of DTEK to figure out this. Your review helped me decide to stick with my choice of the priv. Good review.

  3. WTF… So blackberry doesn't make their own phones any more… they don't make their own OS… and they got rid of the only reason left that I buy blackberry…. THE PHYSICAL KEYBOARD. Fuck this… I'm going apple.

  4. I am going to wait for the next Android Blackberry, hopefully with a physical keyboard still in place. It's always great to have the more tactile keyboard that doesn't take up part of the screen, as well as using two thumbs instead of the ol' typewriter version with one thumb at a time. Now, if it can have a good physical keyboard AND a replaceable battery (e.g. LG Enact!) combined the updated hardware and software in their latest Blackberry, then Blackberry will have a great opportunity in their hands!

  5. can you please do a performance comparison with benchmarks and compare multitasking and navigating thru the os opening and switching apps so we can see the difference on processing power between the two. also can you re-compare the cameras taking multiple shots of the same subject at the same time so we have an accurate comparison. thanx.

  6. Thanks for the comparison. That was exactly what I was trying to find. This may be a silly question, but does the DTEK50 have wireless charging? I can't find any mention of it anywhere, so I'm inclined to believe it doesn't.

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