BLU Life One X – The Best Affordable Android Phone?


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  1. this phone was really great the first four months I had it but now, my data service never works unless I am on wifi at my house. I tried changing apn a ton of times but it hardly stays on 4g lte for more than a minute. very frustrating but hopefully it is not like that for everyone

  2. I'm still using my BLU 5.5s studio..I have dropped this phone a 100 ways screen is cracked and it still won't die…I'm gonna get this one and keep my 5.5 for backup…my texting is jacked up sometimes but….This is a dam good product… I just wish they had a customer service # that actually work…

  3. Im using one for a Month now… Really good and solid phone
    The only negative is the battery life, im using with really low bright on screen..
    i get a little more than 24hs of regular usage

    The screen at 1080p is incredibly sharp!! Nice high-end felling overall, Android 5.1 works just great out of the box
    I dissable most of google apps i don't care about and good to go

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