Camera Test P20 Pro vs Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X vs Galaxy S9 Plus


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  1. So, I recently sold my S9+ for an iPhone X.
    The difference between them is that the colors on the S9+ seemed boring to me and that has never happened with any of my previous Samsung phones (notes and galaxies).
    The pictures on the S9+ were amazing in detail, but boring and honestly I preferred the pictures on the S8+ I had before.
    The iPhone may produce less detailed photos in some scenarios but the pictures actually look more pleasant to me.
    Honestly, in detail I can not see a difference, but I basically only see pictures on my phones.
    Changing from the S9+ to the X taught me that in 2018 you can not tell a difference in sharpness between flagships so it comes down to personal preference. If you are into HDR I recommend that you download the pixel 2 camera for the S9+ and that will blow you away for a point and shoot almost post edited photo.
    For me, at the moment, any flagship camera is very good and I use lightroom to edit before social media, since even the “auto” corrections make amazing editing.

  2. Pixel 2 XL for sure, my friends have Iphone x and S9 and we compare all the time, 90% of the time Pixel 2 XL comes out on top. And that is everyday style photos we are comparing not scenery shots. I was a huge Galaxy person, until the guy at verizon talked me into this Pixel camera and Im happy I switched ever since.

  3. Still gotta give it to the Pixel. The night mode shots of the P20 are impressive though. I think what a lot of people fail to realize is that a shot taken in a darkened room, or at night should look DARK. The over exposure and artificial lightening of shots isn't something I want to see in something you want to properly represent a dimly lit area.

  4. iPhone X better than others
    the reason iPhone X is first released phone for this competition
    But still amazing camera for today

    Apple is best way to smartphone industry 1.beautiful animation
    2.super fast video editing
    3.continue iOS updates's fastest chip in any other smartphone
    6.taptic engine's feel great
    7.Face ID
    Face id is the next generation of security
    8.the future design
    iPhone X is a first phone of notch design
    But today notch design phones list
    One +
    And more….

  5. As a P20 pro owner. On point, what makes the P20 lag behind is software, however, the P20 pro has much higher ceiling when it comes to image quality, the photos are darker, yes, but carry much more information for those who would like to process the outside, the P20 pro is a beast!

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