Can 100 Layers of Paint Protect iPhone 7 from 100 FT Drop Test?


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  1. That was good I think that was a good fall for the iPhone 7it did not crack it was the best video I've seen in my life have fun I'll keep subscribing for you Gus good luck.

  2. 7:20
    Me: that's normal, it happens all the time for this phone I am using to type this, it does that everyday, give it to me and I can use it…. phones turn alive when I'm around! No joke……………………
    I'm dead serious……

    So that was not the first…….,

  3. that happened to my iPhone 7 after it kinda fell off the table with the charger still in it. I took it to the store and it was going to cost like $240 but I did a soft reset and fixed it myself

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