CAR AUTOMATION with your Android Phone: OBDLink LX


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  1. So you buy it for 80$+ than pay 9.99$ in app to get some features and nothing is accurate. I'm ase certified mechanic. And tried this cause of YouTube videos showed it's better than my $4k obd. THIS IS FAKE. Bullshit.

  2. Fake technology. You can buy the same for 15$. This obd don't do anything your saying. Show step by step not cut the video and come back with magic. Engine codes and speed and rpm is all it gives you and they're not accurate

  3. Hi Armando. I have not bought this adapter but I think. But as a matter of fact I would like to buy this adapter especially for it's remote function as locking/unlocking doors turning on/off headlights and fog lights by the way is possible turning on/off engine remotely? My questions are 1. you opened a new app calls Torque does it work with obd link lx bluetooth adapter? 2. I downloaded Torque app but there is no button remote ex for nissan or other car producer even there is no any interface like you show. may it cause from connection so I mean do I have to get adapter and connect my car with my phone for getting this functions in myapp? and you have wrote in your reply that there are many apps for remoting other car producer but I did not find app for mazda can you share it? mine is mazda 3 2014 thanks in advanced I wait you respond 🙂

  4. This app use to work with any generic OBD dongle. Now you have to buy their device. It failed because these devices and apps are basically reverse engineered. Few auto makers release this information and those that do the info is very limited. It’s a crapshoot as to whether it works on your car or not. For basic info, it’s ok. For a professional, this thing is a waste of time and money.

  5. Interesting video but probably wouldn't buy the product , turning off warning lights on the dash is good but too many people that'll do it for free like Advance and Auto Zone . But now interesting !

  6. Great video, thanks for sharing. I have the same car with the same obd adapter and both of these apps, all worked great except for the unlock feature and trunk opening feature, if I unlocked the car using the Remote EX app my alarm will go on, how did you manage to overcome this issue?. Thanks in advance.

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