Chromecast – How to Setup (Part 2) From an Android Phone or Tablet​​​ | H2TechVideos​​​


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  1. This man did absolutely no preparation for this upload, he is just winging it from A to Z. If you have 50% of the knowledge required to set up this may be of some help. If you are a babe in the woods type (no shame) it will only cause you to feel hopeless. I am certain that there are many far better resources available, find one and if you have already waded thru this POS, erase it from your brain.

  2. Ive had chromecast on my tv through my android tablet for the past 3 months. all of a sudden yesterday like its happen before it was not working . So pushed in red button till the red turns blue then I'd have to reset to go. But as of yesterday thats not working. the red light after I push and hold in the button will not turn blue. So my friend gave me his to try same thing. His works on his tv but not mine? Its like both ports on my tv have stopped. All my tv shows when I have chromecast plugged in to my tv on the screen shows no signal thats all. No pic of chromecast set like other times. Any suggestions? I have free wifi where I live my pc, tablet, phone all working find. Could it be maybe where I rent they have a different wifi thats not strong enough to receive chromecast? Or sounds like my tv for some reason the 2 ports do not charge the device properly? HELP

  3. You lost me. Part 1 was great. You had a box for any Kindle Fire but I could not press it on my screen. Then I look a video for setting up with a tablet… and do I get? No Kindle. Now I am stuck and I can't download the chromecast app for the set up because Kindle DOES NOT SUPPORT IT. Now what?

  4. Hi. I am trying to use my mobile phones hotspot and a tablet to connect to the chrome cast. Is there a way to do this? Can you make an instruction video for this? Thanks for all your help.

  5. Hey! Need a help…i finished almost everything but after changing the name of d chromecast its dosent ask for wifi network it tell network SSID and asks wat type of security password it has like WPA etc…wat do i do now? plzz help me

  6. When are you going to do some more kindle fire hdx videos I would like to know more about this kindle fire hdx and do you think Amazon should enhance this by putting Google Services on the HDX devices.

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