connect android phone to midi keyboard for playing piano


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  1. many midi keyboards, specially the mini ones, don't have an external power source and they don't use batteries. They are powered by the same usb cable. Can these usb powered keyboards be used as well ? Are they powered by the phone ?

  2. Hmmm. This doesn't involve the MIDI interface at all, just USB. I'm looking for a way to play MIDI files from Android to a MIDI input (to drive a DMX light controller). I don't think it exists.

  3. Well, i'm not an official help-centre, but…..
    I tested on Moto-G/1st generation, so that one should be OK.
    For other phones: phone need to be able to support USB OTG (on the go), so that is something to check in specs.
    And keyboard part: must support "general midi", i tested with M-audio.
    sooooo. i guess biggest concern is that phone or keyboard are not compatible.

    In addition, i found this really cool, but in reality not very usefull because big delay between touch-key and sound-play (latency). I still want to test on android 5, maybe that is faster becasue they made chnages to program-execution.

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