Control your Android phone with Chrome (Vysor Review)


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  1. If you were planing to watch MOBDRO tv, that is an android app, on your actual tv through a connection from your laptop/pc to your TV via an HDMI cable …like I was…well…vysor wont let you expand to full screen unless you are a vysor pro user…and the picture quality is bad (500kbs) .
    …and the search for a way to mirror android on tv continuous…
    I am aware of chromecast and miracast, have bought a £10 miracast dongle recently…mirascreen its called…some times it works…there is the £50 microsoft miracast dongle …which I m trying to avoid and save £50….thats why I am here still looking…
    And I dont fancy rooting my moto style either…do I ask too much ?

  2. Thanks for your tutorial. I had the same experience of Vysor installing its own Vysor shortcut on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Alcatel POP3 5.5 (5054-S). It really works fine on both devices I mentioned.

  3. i have some questions to do, as average "potential customer":

    1) is it possible to hear the audio source of the android phone on the PC SPEKERS?
    2) it has recently been added the WIRELESS connection, but is it really usable if phone is connected in 3g/4g? or is it only working "wirelessy on WIFI" on the same network?

    3) teamviewer already allow the SAME task to mirror the android screen wirelessy ( wifi or 3g ) without to pay a cent, and i tested that the PC keyoard is working as input interface very fine.
    ……..ARE THERE NOTABLE differences if i'm going to use Vysor to do the same purpose? maybe there are more precise customization as well bitrate of video, resolution, whilst on teamviewer HOST ( or quick support) i can only chose 2 preset, more quality/more speed, but not precise bitrate/resolution.
    Apart these precisations about bitrare and resolution ARE THERE OTHER DIFFERENCES that can let me prefer Vysor instead of teamviewer?

  4. +Copper vs Glass Oh my God thank you so much! my phone's touch sensors were broken and I needed to control it to find my data on a game and save it, I just installed the Vysor app on my phone through PC and I did it! You saved my ass there, thanks!

  5. Hi does this app allow you to increase size/max out the display area as it appears on your laptop/desktop screen? Swap between portrait/landscape as well?

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