Control Your Lights with Your Android Phone


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  1. I made a light switch using a Raspberry Pi, the command is sent in less than a second to switch the light on or off, it's pretty awesome and doesn't require a WeMo nor sending a sms.

  2. Nice demo, but if that's all the WeMo can do, I am very far from impressed. That 10-second latency and the need to send SMS is just redonkulous. Haven't these people heard of Bluetooth?

  3. Well he didnt copyed he just borrowed content(you can see that he left watermark to let know people its other guy work) from Armandos channel instead all of that stuff doing it itself.
    I did watch his Find 5 review and i do not agree whit Rehtenk512.
    However in last few months many people try to do same stuff that Armando does but fail hard.
    Even a newbie can learn from Armando but not from this people.
    Armando does stuff correctly.
    1 by 1 from start so newbie can learn it VERY eazy.

  4. I agree Karlo, this guy has no originality. He keeps copying Armando stuff, did you see his article and video on Oppo Find 5? He basically named his blog post similar to Armandos YouTube video so he can piggyback on SEO and also ripped Armandos footage to fill his video. XDA bunch of Kangers!

  5. I'd be glad to make a video when I have time and when I've made a dedicated app. @marian519 could show us their set up. Like you said it's nice to have options. Apologies if my post came off a little dickish. Did not intend it to.

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