Cubot Power Smartphone Unboxing – Android 8.1, 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM


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  1. Ce ai frate 8 millione pentru ce specuri are… si Huawei si Xiaomi is tot Chinezesti, iar iPhone ul asamblat in China e… da voi luati la mana a doua ca prosti de pe olx de la baieti furgasite din anglia… faceti nazuri ca nu e firma galaxy, apple… da traiti cu mai putin de 800 de euro pe luna… ce societate superficiala si ignoranta cu curul in sus… cand o sa aiba si romania tehnologia si puterea de manufactura a Chinei si cand terminati si voi o facultate pe domeniu atunci sa va dati tech expert voi astia care il folosisiti sa stati pe facebook si sa bagati manele de pe YouTube.

  2. Hi Alex .. I'm torn between this and the Xiaomi note 5 AL .. the xtra 2 gig ram and 128 memory plus a type c usb charger and stock android puts cubot firmly in front .. would appreciate your thoughts tho .. Thank you 👍🏻 pls it's on gearbest for 194 euro at the moment

  3. Bought 2 Cubot phones from Amazon, 1st a Cheetah 2 with a 3000mah batt, tested it = 1000mah. 2nd a Cubot H3 with a 6000mah batt, tested it = 2400mah, returned both, and bought a Leagoo S8 direct from Leagoo on eBay, not a bad phone

  4. I never understood why everyome peel off THE SCREEN PROTECTOR.
    It's quite annoying that everyone assumes that factory applies protecting foil MUST HAVE poor quality. Such a bullshit.
    On my both Xperia XA and XA2 i have those from start and nothing bad happemed so far
    Maybe because I care about my phones.

  5. how do u know that it is fast charger..if i saw good it say only output 5V-2A? Mine fast charging phone is 7, or 9V, and 2A? Just curious question, did they changed technology?
    P.S: being CUBOT there is going to be alot of "not gratest things about this phone"…have one of two before.Only thing what is good is price(usually). Rest-if u get mediocre quality-u are lucky.

  6. Plastic isn't always a big deal. I alwsy put my phones in a heavy duty rubber type case anyway for protection, brings I work construction type work, so its better. Maybe 300 is a bit high for plastic but I guess depending on the hardware and other features,it may well be worth it. 128 and 6 gig's, that's pretty hot right there. Thanks

  7. Alex you are the best YouTube reference for those Chinese phones which people are not aware of… I use your reviews for my commercial purposes in my trading business before making a deal on those.. Thank you 👍

  8. I think 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is a bit overkill for a phone in it's price range, a 4GB/64GB version might be a good idea. I think if it's more than €270 in Europe, it'll have a hard time selling well. Xiaomi, Huawei and Nokia have some really competitive phones at the moment.

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