DON’T Buy The iPhone X


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  1. I had android for 11 years and recently had the pixel 2 but I just got tired of making excuses for androids laggy systems. Just bought the X and it feels like I got twice the phone. I respectfully disagree with you about the face unlock – mine works flawlessly and takes less than a second to unlock -even with glasses and at night in the pitch black. I get the extra step that you’re not a fan of but it’s a novelty -also, I’m sure Apple just wanted people to get used to no home button. Overall, it’s been a fantastic phone and I feel like I got what I payed for. Love your vids!

  2. Heres the thing. Apple makes the best internals but they dont utilize it very well. When it comes to the iphone im betting most of the cost is coming from there. Its probably 500 for the internals alone and then its about a 300 dillar phone as far as hardware. And then just cuz they can and they know people will pay another 300 for the iphone name. Great potential. Just sad.

  3. 1plus 5t?? Tf is that?
    Will be the reaction ppl give me if I walk around with it
    Holy shit!!! That’s a fukin iPhone X!!!!
    Is the reaction I’m getting walking around with one
    That’s the difference
    In other words
    There’ll always be haters for iPhone but there won’t be any for this 1 plus phone cuz no one gives a fuk about it
    People always compare their phone to an iPhone and not a 1 plus for a reason

  4. tbh removing fingerprint and headphone jack is not a bad idea…. headphone jack is old,apple tries to market new tech and new advancements in Smartphones and try to actually push phones to advance rather than staying with the past is good and same with touch ID but we all agree on the over pricing of products

  5. I love apple, so I decided to get a 7 plus because I used the two 7 sizes, the two 8 sizes and the x and for the price, the 7 plus was the most worth it, I was looking a lot for camera quality and while the x and 8s were better, it was only by a little bit

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