E Ink Android Phone by Onyx International


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  1. Dá pra pegar os números que aparecem lá e ligar… Quem topa???
    E já se vão infintos anos e tudo parado, será que já adiantaram a evolução… Será que ela tirou o negócio da testa?? Quem sabe não é mesmo………………..

  2. I don't like e-ink displays. I don't like that there is a contrast switch whenever there is a screen refresh. That's very distracting for me and one major reason why I wont buy a product with such a display.

  3. It looks very ugly when the three Android buttons are very bright yet the display's front light is off. They should adapt to the front light setting. Which in this video would mean "off".

  4. I gotta say, eink is great for reading and looking at the display in the sunlight, still it has it draw back… take as an example the only b&w display and the fact that it´s max fps is no even 10fps… maybe in a couple of years they can manage to solve it… for now, let´s limit it to the reading only

  5. no, no it's NOT a lie!!!
    I want you to take your phone outside on a **VERY** bright sunny day in DIRECT OPEN SUNLIGHT like a lake
    and I bet you it's really hard to see, I know it is!!! I've done it for about a week a while back so I know exactly what that's like

    I tried to take a picture of some ducks and I literally could NOT see anything on the screen, I just took the picture where I THOUGHT the ducks were on the camera, they were in the water
    Good picture but… I couldn't see ANYTHING!!!

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