Enable Multiple User Accounts on Any Android Phone [How-To]


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  1. Hi, I really want use this module.
    But dosen't run on my phone.
    My phone android version is Samsung Galaxy Alpha 'Lollipop 5.0.2'
    I install the rooting, xposed and this muti users module.
    And the activation and the reboot the phone.
    But it doesn't appear 'user' tap on setting.
    And enter the 'multi user' app and tap the 'manage users'.
    Then appear user tap.
    But there is nothing.
    I have to wait until Lollipop 5.1.1 or Marshmallow update?
    I had a different language and not good at English.
    please reply. Thanks.

  2. Hi, bought and installes Multipule Users from play stor on my Sony Xperia L , Android Version 4.2.2 and i cant Eneable & reboot….??
    When i open app it says:

    Multi-user :OFF
    Step to eneable
    1. Eneable Multi User mod in Xposed installer app
    2 Reboot device
    3 Add new user from app

    Im stuck on step 1…….Where do i eneable and reboot?

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