Exclusive: First iPhone 8 Dummy Hands-on Video


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  1. This iPhone update is MASSIVE. NEW Features List Below.

    1. New Premium Design. Glass and Stainless Steel. (Will be Space Black, not silver like this dummy model)
    2. Touch ID is Under Glass in Display.
    3. Full front 5.8' OLED Display with rounded corners – minimal bezels all around. (Body size as regular iPhone 7)
    4. 3D Front Cameras with Face Scan and Selfie Portrait Mode.
    5. Wireless Charging.
    6. 10nm A11 Chip. (More Powerful and less energy consumption)
    7. iOS 11 and AR Features.
    8. IP68 Water Resistance.

    So , all you need is here!

    New Design. New Display. New OS. New Front and Back Cameras. New Powerful Chip. Wireless Charging.

  2. These comments are so cancerous and cringy ._.

    75% of the comments criticizing Apple don't even make sense/are untrue…
    24% of the comments still criticize Apple for not having a headphone jack (but I guarantee when Samsung removes it everyone won't mind because they're not Apple)
    99% of the comments need to watch Tailosive Tech's videos and need to learn the truth about Apple products without the YouTube community's bias against Apple (let's face it most people just hate Apple because everyone else hates it for no reason)
    1% of the comments are the people that truly know what Apple is doing for us and are unfortunately the ones that are drowned out by the truly blind "Against Apple Sheep."

  3. Airpods are the dumbest idea apple has come up with like i literally have NEVER seen anybody with an airpod ON it looks dumb as hell lmao i hope they bring back the headphones jack. They tryin to be crazy creative not crazy innovative

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