EXCLUSIVE OnePlus 6T Unboxing with Des | Only at T-Mobile


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  1. Amazing just found about this phone through my email from T-Mobile, I've been wanting to upgrade my almost 2 year old LG V20, if I can get this phone at 50% off trade in this is practically a no brainer for me, ideally I would like to get a Note 9 but the price is simply UNBEATABLE. T-MOBILE here I come!!!

  2. I like my moto z2 force.. the mods are unique to moto only… I'm watching a movie on my wall using the projector mod.. the moto phones are the only ones that can do that.

    just sayin.

  3. I feel like trading in my s8+ for one!! Always wanted a one plus since the first one plus one came out. But I was never sure if it was compatible with the US bands. So I went with the Nexus 5. Now I know I can get one. Thanks T-Mobile!

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