“F.B.I.” Ransom Virus removal from an Android phone


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  1. I don't know what genius made the virus that got on my phone because it won't let me use anything. Not even the power menu. I can't turn the phone off either and have to take the case off of the phone and pop the battery off of it. I kind of regret getting free APK online instead of paying.

  2. I downloaded the porn app because i through aye i won't have to delete my history no more! Then when i opened it that's when that stupid fbi virus popped up. It said i was watching child porn. It showed pictures of little girls bout 11 years to 13 probably getting sucking grown mens penises.

  3. I was watching porn and I had to take my phone back to the store because of this virus..they fixed it but my mom put a block on my phone I was still able to watch porn but I stopped watching porn because it is a sin according to the Bible (sexual immorality)

  4. My moms computer said if we didn't call the number listed, we could go to jail and the cops would know our ip if we closed the tab. How to know it's a scam: if you try to close the tab, and it doesn't let you, it's fake.

    We just restarted the computer and it went away 😐 Sad thing is, it said I was watching adult videos but all I was watching were sim videos on YouTube.

  5. Thanks man. Just trying to beat my meat then this pops up. I knew it was fake but didn't know how to remove it. A tip for anyone who sees this or any scam, If they ask you to pay online with paypal or a prepaid credit card, chances are it's a scam.

  6. Guess what it's not ilegal to look up any kind of porn on line. It's the job of the government to block bad porn that not to be online and it's the maker of the bad porn that is guilty of a crime not some one looking up porn with a phone or computer that stubbles on any bad porn someone is pushing on line.

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