First Android Phone vs Google Pixel! 8 Year Comparison


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  1. You guys might hate on the old thick ass phones, but drop your new 5.5" phone face down with no case and its done. You can literally throw the thick phone off a cliff and itll work like brand new.

  2. I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 which was launched in 2010 with Android 2.1 and it is still usable too. But this HTC Dream 1 is even better than my X8 in my opinion. I wished my X8 had a physical keyboard back then. 😮

  3. My white/silver Google Pixel reminds me more of the white G1/HTC Dream design than the Nexus One/HTC Passion with its Jay Leno/Sarah Jessica Parker chin. But it is the first pure Android experience that actually nailed the camera and battery life right. The 6P cam is clearly inferior to the Pixel.

  4. the old phone really reminds me of the phone I used back in 8th grade, which was in 2011
    obviously the phone I had was more refined but it honestly wasn't that much better
    it's crazy how far and fast smartphones have come since then

  5. the first iphone wasnt invented or produced by apple so to say that the second iphone model is the first is pretty retarded but to go by the most commonly knowledge there arent that many that knows this but ya know u better say the second iphone fron on now

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