First iPhone vs First Android Phone! (iOS 1.0 vs Android 1.0)


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  1. I wouldn't get the point of getting the first iphone. One of the big reason people get smartphones is of the apps you can get. Weather, traffic, news, games, you have everything on your phone these days. The original IPhone only had a touchscreen added. Other than that it was just a flip phone. I would've waited for a new phone back then

  2. I at the time chose apple, then the 3gs when it came out. My battery on that phone started to discharge after a year and I took it to target for a replacement. They offered to let me try an android for a month and if I hated it they would give me another iPhone. I got the galaxy Note 1 and never looked back. I was an apple fan boy, no longer. Preach the gospel of android brothers and know true greatness!

  3. Why the fuck do you guys have to always find something to compare, all phones should just be called with their names and not their brand. I want to buy a good phone at a good price, I don't give a fuck if its iPhone or Samsung or Xiaomi. Stop saying that iPhones are different from Android Phones/Windows etc, they both are normal smartphones with different OS. Just find a phone you like and buy it, and if someone judges you because it's not iPhone or Samsung ignore them, they're no-lifers who always need to find things to compare and take sides.

    And to all of you iPhone fans who wish Samsung's new phone to be shit, and the other way around, then let me tell you something. You should want your 'rival smartphone manufacturer to do good, so prices are low. If the new iPhone is a lot better than the new Samsung phone, then Apple will raise it's price, 'cause everyone would want to buy it. But if both phones are at the same level, each manufacturer would lower their prices trying to get more people to by their phone.
    That's how you should thing when buying a new phone.

    The funny thing is that I see people at tech shops trying to find a phone, and they are like 'Oh this phone looks good, is it Samsung? No? It's not? Ok, I want an iPhone. Is this the newest iPhone? Alright I ll buy it'. They legit don't give a fuck about their specs, just who made it. And later they go on YouTube and say 'iPhone 'x' is much better than Samsung 'x', why?, 'cause it's iPhone what do you mean.

  4. 1: Apple looks much more aesthetic
    2: Apple have no lags (I got a samsung galaxy tab 4 and an Ipad Mini 4 and the ipad mini dont have any lags like my samsung)
    3: Both are stealing ideas from each other… thats how it works. Otherwise we wouldnt get new phones that fast.
    4: Apple allready use metal cases for their phones since the iphone 1… not the cheap plastic like samsung up to the S5.
    5: Apple has higher safety
    6: Samsung is much cheaper

  5. Wonder if either of them had Bluetooth? I tend to like and go to my apples more but I have androids too. For me apple when I gota or wanna get stuff done and with android I get to play around with it install all kind of apps and not worry about space since I can add a card to them where with apple you cant. Apple battery last longer but if it goes bad not as easy to change as most android phone are easy to replace them. I just choose certain tasks for each and spread the love. Oh this video for some reason I'm feeling that G1. I liked physical keyboards.

  6. Sigh I knew this review would be extremely underwhelming and badly researched and I was right.

    O2 XDA came out in 2003, iPhone in 2007.

    iPhone had a headphone jack but it was so poorly implemented that many plugs couldn't fit.

    That Android had a keyboard, iPhone had a touchscreen that couldn't even copy and paste text.

    I don't even think this reviewer had any idea how terrible the original iPhone really was. It was so bad that most people at the time would rather carry their PDA and phone as 2 separate devices.

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