First Look at CShell on a Windows phone (Exclusive)


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  1. Why you guy do not join forces with the WPInternal dev to make a backup of the ROM and make it available to those who would like to experiment with it…i got an Elite x3 for $99 and its so damm good that is my principal phone now.

  2. 2018… Anyone watching? its pretty sad that the press keep saying negative things about windows phone making fans switch to other OSs instead of talking about this and fans would wait for this.

  3. This is actual Windows 10 the settings app task view action center are DIRECTLY form Windows 10 the top bar is taskbar with toggles removed and rearranged the best of all the start menu is also from Windows 10

  4. It’s interesting to see one year later how our perspective on this development has evolved. It now seems there will not be dedicated smart phone, instead an all in one PDA type device will be released. It may have all the characteristics of a mobile computer, a home PC, and a smart phone all in one device. I have to give credit to Microsoft for having the guts to be the first to push a new hardware software concept like this. Apparently it will be a new type of smart device not a dedicated smart phone, I say who cares what anyone calls it, it sounds like it’s going to be windows phone plus plus.

  5. They should work with Vivo, using Vivo Apex as their new flagship. Otherwise great UI works on a ugly phone. Maybe interesting idea a phone that work on two UI, Android and MS

  6. Microsoft just needs to add an Android runtime and if be all over them again. There are a handful of apps that I'd be reluctant to go without. and I've grown quite fond of the BB Priv and now Keyone keyboards.

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