Fix – Android Phone Low On Space


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  1. MR CISCO CCIE said – ok this guys video is LAMEN , to answer the rest of you all ,……… 1. updates are taking up the space which can not be removed( android version, etc. restore does not work, it will bring back all the new updates there ROOTED now, only way is to install older smaller ISO , such as honeycomb) and updates are req to run newer apps , there are programs and setting and rootings. which gets complex, such as virtual RAM drives, and this ROOTING req.ed . will leave you more open to Viruses. 2. It is easy'er to buy a new phone ( $50 phone =1g ram rom, 4G+ ram drive storage), what to look for RAM ROM (working) and RAM hard drive storage on devise. 3. RAM ROM cant be upgraded or storage (by root) 4. SD cards (will be slower) No System Files can be loaded on this, some games will load on this and pics seem to be ok. SD cards ARE Not the same as back bone RAM ROM as in a PC.

  2. I have the same problem as most people — my SD card has loads of room, even after moving everything that I could there – apps, pictures, music, etc. but my phone has a ton of apps that I never use on the internal storage – apps which cannot be moved. Now what?

  3. Hi, nice job.
    I got an android device running on kitkat OS. The phone memory seems to be partitioned into internal storage and phone storage.
    I wish to know if there's any way i can merge both because i'm running low on internal storage but still have lots of space on the phone storage.


  4. hey sir if it says "couldn't move" just like that and the move to sd card is highlighted i cant click it i cannot use my gallery and when im going to take pics it says "not enough space"sir help me with this problem…

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