Getting Started With Your New Android Phone!!!


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  1. Thanks for your vid. I'm most definitely an apple4lyfe guy, but my company just got Droid based tablets for mobile billing purposes and watching this gave me navigation basics for this new device. Thanks again.

  2. I enjoyed your video. I am still trying to learn how to use my android. I was trying to figure out how to add ringtones, and how to add a special tone for when I get a text. l tried to get the alert tone for my texts, but it not only sounds off when I get a text but also with every email i get too. How do I set it up for alerts for just texts? and how can i add ringtones of my own.

  3. Todd: perform a long press on the item you wish to remove. Basically press down on the icon for about 3 to 4 seconds and it will let you pick the item up, then drag it to the bottom of the screen where there is a trash can, and it will remove it from the home screen but remain in your app tray as it has not been uninstalled.

  4. thank you for the basic tutorial 🙂 i cant wait for my G2X to come in a couple of days. I've been an iPhone user since day one, I'm ready to make the switch.

    Now off to search about "rooting"

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